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We are professional dolphin watching tour company in Bali will take you on a great experience to touching dolphin


Dolphin Encounter


  • Welcome/kiss and feeding
  • Souvenir/photo x1 (file only)
  • Adult IDR 560 k /pax
  • Child IDR 490 k /pax

Session 1 session 2

Session 3 session 4


Bali dolphin
Dolphins are marine mammals that are very intelligent, besides the natural systems that complement
their bodies are very complex. So many technologies are inspired by dolphins. One example is a
dolphin's skin which is able to reduce friction with water, so that dolphins can swim with little water
resistance. This is what swimmers use to design swimsuits that look like dolphin skin.
The characteristics of dolphins are having lungs, having one breath hole, taking breaths every few
minutes, 8-14 months pregnant, giving birth, 1 child every 1-3 years, breastfeeding 1-1.5 years, being
social, smart, uses sonar as a guide, often helps humans who are drowning, indicates areas with lots of
fish, their food includes fish, squid, shrimp, octopus.
Dolphins have a toned and slender body that allows them to swim very fast. There are more than 30
species and most have the famous gray skin color but there are some species that have black stripes,
spots or unique patterns.
Dolphins can be used as therapy for us, so this marine habitat is always closely guarded by the
government so that things don't happen that make them disappear or become extinct.
A distinctive feature of dolphins is that they are hairless, which sets them apart from most other
mammals. They are still considered mammals because they breathe air, are warm-blooded and give
birth to young.


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Dolphin Encounter Wisatawan melihat dari jarak cukup dekat lumba lumba yang muncul di permukaan di Pantai Lovina


Dolphin Lovina Tour

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Dolphin Lovina Tour

We are professional dolphin watching tour company in Bali will take you on a great experience to see dolphin Dolphin lovina Tour Include: Watching dolphin by boat tradisional boat, Gitgit waterfall bedugul lake Transport return from hotel kita, sanur, nusa dua Price: IDR 650.000/pax min 2 perso

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