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We are professional dolphin watching tour company in Bali will take you on a great experience to see dolphin

Dolphin lovina Tour


  • Watching dolphin by boat tradisional boat,
  • Gitgit waterfall
  • bedugul lake
  • Transport return from hotel kita, sanur, nusa dua


  • IDR 650.000/pax min 2 person
  • IDR 500.000/pax min 4 person



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We are professional dolphin watching tour company in Bali will take you on a great experience to see dolphinDolphin EncounterInclude:Welcome/kiss and feedingSouvenir/photo x1 (file only) Adult IDR 560 k /pax Child IDR

Dolphin Lovina Tour

Dolphin lovina Tour

How many beaches in Bali can we meet dolphins?
Good beaches for dolphin tour viewing are in harbours, bays, and lagoons. Some species of larger dolphins can
be found in colder areas, such as the Lovina area and Uluwatu Beach and lovina Beach
Lovina Beach is one of the beaches in Buleleng Bali that has a nice view. Some time ago, this beach also
had a pishing village and hundreds of dolphins caught on camera by a tour guide at Lovina Beach Buleleng Regency,

Catching Dolphin Lovina by Boat
one of the boat owners and one of the local tour guides revealed that basically a large number of
dolphins is already common in Lovina. "Every day, it's been there for years," the guide revealed that
Lovina was indeed the home of the dolphins, so the presence of a reasonable number of dolphins there
was very natural. For those of you who have never been to Lovina Beach, here are some tips that you
can try if you want to see dolphins tour at Lovina Beach.
Dolphins are divided into two categories. Coastal dolphins live in warmer waters, while offshore
dolphins can live in colder environments.
if we are in the southern area of Bali then we can see dolphins in the uluwatu beach area. By taking a
boat we can explore the beaches of Nusa Dua -uluwatu in the morning so we can see dolphins.
if we are in the north of Bali we can go to Lovina Singaraja beach to see dolphins in the morning, with a
traditional boat we go to the middle of the sea by boat, usually one boat is filled with 1 to 6 people.


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Dolphin Lovina Tour Wisatawan melihat dari jarak cukup dekat lumba lumba yang muncul di permukaan di Pantai Lovina


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